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Support Claims Community
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Yeah, that was my reaction too...

Welcome to the support_claims community. YAUSC brought to you by IRC, and kamara's invite code.

The idea is simple. You claim another support volunteer! Whether your partner/friend/reason why you got into support/whoever.

You can only claim one volunteer, and each volunteer can only be claimed once. However, you can be claimed twice if everyone agrees.

You must be a support volunteer to join and you must claim a support volunteer.

Past or present support volunteers are welcome and can be claimed, and you can be at any level whether a screenie or an admin.

Make me some pretty things for the comm and you can claim two people if you're really desperate ;)

The Claims list

arie :: claimed by aajwind
asciident :: claimed by supersat
braindrain :: claimed by acerbic
comesemptember :: claimed by skreidle
crschmidt :: claimed by jpallan
joyitude :: claimed by pne
deslea :: claimed by alsatia
Frank the Goat :: claimed by rho
fweebles :: claimed by jennyrhill
jc :: claimed by kamara
kamara :: claimed by fruit_boy
karen2205 :: claimed by xtremesaints
lidian :: claimed by angelsk
Pika :: claimed by kirylin
pne :: claimed by volantwish
rahaeli :: claimed by alsatia
rho :: claimed by amphoteric
skreidle :: claimed by comeseptember
snarkbite :: claimed by seaofdestiny
jennyrhill :: claimed by braindrain
swelegant :: claimed by camomiletea
tenshisama :: claimed by kirylin
bubba :: claimed by beginning
volantwish :: claimed by jc
xb95 :: claimed by janinedog
xtremesaints :: claimed by bobert225

Updated :: 26/02/04

Icons/link us (you know you wanna ;) )
Claim us!!!11 Claim us!!!11
By :: alsatia and kirylin

Enjoy, be nice, and spr0t.

- kamara